Tony DeFina

Tony wasn’t Tony DeFina when we met. He had seen my work and my sites and came to me wanting to do photos, videos, anything we could ask of him he was eager to do. Turns out these shots were from his first professional shoot; I would never have known he was wet behind the [...]

The Others

Each of the men I have worked with over the past decade are unique and each of them has provided me and their fans with a view into his particular brand of masculinity. Ultimately there are more men and more images than one book can bear, and with success of this first book there will [...]

If you’re into muscle — BIG muscle — and you like your musclemen jacked up, pumped up, raw and raunchy, is the site you’ve always been looking for. The men are 100% free. Image galleries, videos, even nude self-pics from competition-level bodybuilders. And did you catch that? It’s all 100% FREE. hot muscle [...]

Roger, his partner and I developed this site together almost 10 years ago and it’s still going strong. Speaking of strong, Roger is bigger than ever these days and still the soft-spoken, easy to laugh muscle man he always was.

Hairy guys with huge muscle and even bigger hearts? What’s not to like? These guys are gruff on the outside and puppy dogs on the inside. Unless you need them to be rough and tough and then you’ve got a real man on your hands! I love working with big muscled men of all kinds [...]

Caesar and I have been working together on various projects for many years — I first did photos with him in the late ’90s and we’ve been producing great pictures together off and on ever since. Most of those images are gathered on his site that I still help out with now and then: [...] is the place for all-original muscle and physique photography by yours truly. Over time this site will have the ultimate series of galleries featuring all of the men I’ve taken photos with and all of the new men I’m looking forward to working with. Aggressive Athletes, Huge Hunks, Masculine Muscle Men

The Muscle Service Station or The Muscle Service Station or MSS. Call it what you will, it’s the site that started everything for me and Bannon Industries. My passion for muscle and for the work of Jim French, the great photographer who built COLT, and the mind-blowing illustrations of Tom of Finland all combined in the mid ’90s [...]