PJ found me. He had seen the site I’d done with Roger and contacted me to find out how to go about getting a site for himself. I think he was pretty surprised when I suggested that I would like to work with him to create his site. Over the years we worked on that [...]

Tom Katt

I was thrilled that Caesar wanted to bring Tom Katt to one of our shoots back in 2001 and working with him was amazing. I’ve never met anyone who was more in tune with what he needed to do in front of the lens. He had the ability to be very animated and personally engaging [...]

The Others

Each of the men I have worked with over the past decade are unique and each of them has provided me and their fans with a view into his particular brand of masculinity. Ultimately there are more men and more images than one book can bear, and with success of this first book there will [...]


Hairy guys with huge muscle and even bigger hearts? What’s not to like? These guys are gruff on the outside and puppy dogs on the inside. Unless you need them to be rough and tough and then you’ve got a real man on your hands! I love working with big muscled men of all kinds [...]