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Ace Bannon’s new book: BANNON MEN: The Photography of Ace Bannon is the first book collecting some of the most celebrated physique images of the past decade. The models Ace Bannon has worked with through the years are men of unrivaled masculinity. Ace’s images show that masculinity in a wide variety of ways–from raw power [...]

Are You Bannon Man Material?

What is a Bannon Man? He’s handsome. He’s built. He’s masculine. He’s hung. He’s also: at least 18 years old, able to commit to a two-hour long photo shoot, willing to work naked and erect, looking to have fun while getting great photos taken. If this sounds like you, here’s what you need to do: [...]

My personal blog site, is the repository of my thoughts about my work along with samples, other people’s work of interest to me and a shameless plug or two from time to time. Under the Red Cap


Caesar was already a HUGE star on the scene when we became partners on his site, We first worked together in the late ’90s on a very hot August night in Austin. He had come to Texas for a performance and was booked into a hotel where the air conditioning went out. We did [...]


Gauge is one of those guys who I’ve experienced as really being very different among different groups–you  know the kind: gregarious when in a fun crowd, then quiet and focused one-on-one. His images reflect more of the private side of the man… strong, still, and so masculine. Click on any of the three thumbnails below [...]

Mark Dalton

Mark was a buddy of a good friend of mine and when he hit it big–I mean Texas-sized BIG!–Mark was all over the Internet. Everyone wanted to see more images of the beautiful golden boy. For many enthusiasts Mark was their dream come true. That was certainly the case for my friend, who ultimately introduced [...]


PJ found me. He had seen the site I’d done with Roger and contacted me to find out how to go about getting a site for himself. I think he was pretty surprised when I suggested that I would like to work with him to create his site. Over the years we worked on that [...]


I first noticed Roger a little more than a decade ago when he first came on to The Muscle Service Station. He had (and still has) a very sensual masculine look; something unlike any I’ve ever seen in another model. We did a shoot together and decided to see what it would be like to [...]

Tom Katt

I was thrilled that Caesar wanted to bring Tom Katt to one of our shoots back in 2001 and working with him was amazing. I’ve never met anyone who was more in tune with what he needed to do in front of the lens. He had the ability to be very animated and personally engaging [...]